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Australian Lead Generation

Australian Cost Per Lead FAQ's

Q. So I just tell you who my target market is and how many leads I need and you can deliver these in a specified time period?


Q. How much do your leads costs?

A. Costing is dependent upon a few factors: 1. how attractive your offer is. 2. how 'under/over marketed' your industry is. 3. how 'niche' your product/service is. contact us for a quick quote

Q. Do I need a web designer or developer to create the adds and landing pages for data collection?

A. No, that is the fantastic thing! We take care of your creative, data collection, data delivery and verification and is all inclusive in the Cost Per Lead!

Q. How come you do all the design? I have a fantastic designer!

A. We bet you do! however the nature of the network we work with requires multiple specs, layouts and file types, as we run your add accross multiple platforms.

Q. How are leads collected for my campaign?

A. We have a very large network of suppliers we get wholesale rates through to broadcast your campaign accross website banner adds, email-outs, Pay-Per-Click networks, post-transactional data collection and co-registration offers. In some cases we may only need to use one network, and in others we may need to use ALL to meet your deadlines and quantity of leads.

Q. What are your payment terms?

A. 50% up front and 50% in 30 days (or completion of campaign, whichever is first. 99% of campaigns can be completed within 30 days).

Q. What is your customer service like?

A. You will have a dedicated account manager and you will have their mobile number. We would like to say 24/7 service, but account managers need sleep also.

Q. Where are you based?

A. Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

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